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Permanent exhibitions

Permanent exhibitions

History and nature of Melnik region and viticulture exhibition
in the main building of museum

The gothic cellarsPermanent exhibition in the main building of museum presents regional history, nature and viticulture. Wine growing had been connected with the municipality Mělník and its surroundings at least from the beginning of the 10th century. Legends about wine growing genesis in Bohemia are related with Mělník and its surroundings, Craft of the Czech winemakers has its seat here. Exhibition of viticulture is divided into two parts and it shows only a fragment from rich history of this branch. There are mainly exhibits in remembrance of wine making craft in the first part of the exhibition. The second part of the wine growing exhibition is situated into atmosphere of historical cellars, which are located under the object of the museum and they originate from the second half of the 14th century. This part of the exhibition is dedicated to a cellar winemaking, because wine was really making and stored in this cellars.
The other five parts of permament exhibition offer to visitors also very interesting view: 
A view of a medieval town, Burgher and rural interior, Folk architecture, Common day of villagers, The nature of Melnik region.

Historical prams

Colonnade 1900 - 1910Permanent exhibition of historical prams is accessible from the year 2003 and it is the unique one in Czech Republic. These exhibition is situated in single building, 50 m far from the main building of the museum. It presents the development of children pram from the beginning of serial production, that means from the second part of the nineteenth century till the end of sixties of the twentieth century. Exhibits, which are presented here to the public in period interiors and exteriors, form basic historical developmental row of children prams. Single periods, in which prams were changing according to the trendy influences and wishes of customers, are shown here in eight show-rooms in chronological order: Christmas 1890 - 1900, Colonnade 1900 - 1910, Picnic 1920 - 1930, Afternoon in park 1930 - 1940, Warinteriror 1940 - 1945, Entrance hall 1950 - 1960, Chlidren's room 1950 - 1960, Visit of health care 1960 - 1969.

Another room was opened in 2018 - it displays a unique collection of rocking horses and another animals together with teddy bears from 1920 - 1990.

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